Board President - Marti Ryan


Hello! My name is Marti Ryan. McLean County has been my home since grade school. I remember when the northeast part of BN was all corn fields! Watching the growth has always intrigued me and sparked my interest in real estate.

In 2014 my husband Marshall and I founded a real estate investor’s club called Central Illinois REI (real estate investors). We have quite a draw of all sorts of real estate professionals as well as newbies who want to learn! You can find us on or Facebook. We welcome anyone who has an interest in real estate investing.

We reside in Lexington, where we raised our three children. Our youngest is a sweet and hardworking 17 year old boy. We also have two beautiful and hardworking daughters who are 25 and 28 years old. We’ve instilled the concept of hard work in our children, just like I will work hard for you, as your Real Estate Broker!

I enjoy volunteering to help local nonprofits! Most recently, as President of MCALA and I have also been involved with my son’s robotics team, MetalCow Robotics. I look forward to helping the team flourish!

I’m also passionate about real estate! It EXCITES me to help people find their dream home, whether that be looking for the home that speaks to you or helping you sell your existing home, so that you can move on the home that is calling out your name!

As indicated, I’m also interested in real estate investing and I’ve created relationships with several investors through the real estate investor’s club I mentioned. I’d love to help you build your investment portfolio!

Let’s get to know each other, and see how we can help each other!

Make it a Great Day!!!


Phone: 309.287.2053

Email: [email protected]

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